Founder’s Club Recap

Many of our Team Members from Synergy Spain, Ireland and UK, worked hard to qualify for an amazing Founder’s Club retreat in the United States. Those efforts proved worthwhile, and the retreat was a fantastic experience! Qualifiers flew to Salt Lake City and gathered at Synergy WorldWide’s corporate headquarters in Utah. They were welcomed by staff, embraced by the Executive Team, guided through tours and given trainings on the Synergy Advantage.

Retreat qualifiers were then taken to the product facility just minutes south of the corporate offices. There, they saw Synergy’s state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing processes. They learned the steps Synergy takes to ensure the quality of each product. Truly, the commitment to safe, pure, potent products was evident throughout this educational tour.

This trip was more than educational, however, and the group made each moment a fun one to remember. They hit the road, traveling a few short hours south for a Las Vegas adventure. Swimming pools, buffets and rollercoasters high above the city were just a few of the weekend’s activities. The group also witnessed the famous “O” show performed by the Cirque de Soleil.

“It was a real pleasure to have these leaders come visit us here in Utah,” remarked Synergy President Dan Norman. “It’s encouraging to see what great leaders we have representing our company overseas. I’d also like to thank them for being such gracious guests. Many of them came with gifts and kind words, and on behalf of the corporate staff here in Utah I sincerely want to say thank you.”



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