November Newsletter

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Winter is definitely upon us now. The mornings have grown darker, the evenings are little chillier and Christmas decorations are now filling the shop windows. This time of year means one thing – Christmas parties are on their way!

This brings with it an opportunity to rekindle old friendships, catch up with those whom you only see once a year, and fill everyone in on the secret of your newly improved health. Yes, this beautiful season is a time of opportunity.

The key to success is about recognising the opportunities that are right in front of you. This season is a social season, filled with dinners and parties with those whom you care about the most. What better gift this Christmas than to provide a gift of improved health and financial freedom.

Synergy WorldWide is a business based on personal interaction so that each new Team Member receives the support they need to become successful. It’s crucial that we remember this element. Let us all make an extra effort to stay in close contact with our new people; especially during this time of year when other things often take priority. So let’s take advantage of this incredible season and start showing, sharing, and signing today!

NEW ProArgi-9 Plus 48 Pack
It’s now even easier to share our flagship product ProArgi-9 Plus with the latest introduction of the 48 pack. This pack will only be available until the end of the year and its competitive price offers you the deepest discount pricing available per canister of ProArgi-9 Plus, which at the end of the day, puts more money back in your pockets. Call Customer Service today and take advantage of this limited time offer.

Super Training Weekend
When speaking of the importance of building relationships, no one knows better than Pearl Executive, Mads Ostvang. As one of the most successful networkers in the world, he is responsible for the phenomenal growth happening in Norway. Mads will be coming to Dublin for a special weekend leadership training. This special weekend will be available to those who qualified as Star and above prior by the end of last month. Places will be limited, so early booking is advised. Registration details will be sent out shortly, so keep an out for that announcement.

Facebook Promotion Reminder
Since the launch of our Global Facebook Promotion on October 15, we’ve acquired fans from all over the world. I wanted to remind everyone that the Facebook promotion ends on November 39, which is now one month away! Currently we have over 1,600 fans and are experiencing more comments, participation, and interaction than ever before. Facebook can be an incredible tool to help build your business as Team Members from around the world share their testimonials, upcoming meeting details, and business building advice to help encourage and motivate one another.

Become a fan of our page today and be entered into a drawing for a Synergy product pack! See promotion details by clicking here. 

Click here and become a fan of our page today!

Congratulations to each of you who achieved a personal rank advancement during the month of October. Your hard work, dedication and perseverance has you moving up the ranks, keep it going it’s not too far to the top.

Jeremy Townsend, UK

John & Sue Baldock, UK
Dr Labonov, Oleg and Simone, UK
Kevin Derham & Steve Metcalfe, UK
John Mallen, Ireland
Mei-Mei Lillywhite, UK
James Booth, Ireland

Derek Attwell, UK
David O’Connor, Ireland
Edward Mulgrew, UK
William Fryday, Ireland
Nulla & Larry Connoly, UK
Sasha Stupar & David Mccollum, UK
Ted Tuohy, Ireland
Michael Armstrong, UK
Elaine Godley, UK
Paul O’Connor, Ireland

It’s a great time to be involved with Synergy WorldWide! As always, have a fantastic month.

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland & UK
Synergy WorldWide

November Meeting Agenda - Ireland

Monday, November 01, 2010

product Presentation

Location: Annabrook Hotel, Mullingar
Date: Thursday 18th November
Time: 8pm

Mads Ostvang Weekend
Open Opportunity Meeting with Pearl Executive, Mads Ostvang.

Location: CityWest Hotel, Saggart, Dublin
Date: Friday 19th November
Time: 7.30pm

Live Cardio Call with Dr. Joe

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Monday, October 25, we will host a live Cardio Call with Dr. Joseph Prendergast. Dr. Joe is a distinguished physician who has received many awards, including "Father of the Year" in 2008 from the American Diabetes Association and the Father's Day Council of Silicon Valley. His research and kowledge regarding l-arginine contributed to the development and formulation of our signature product, ProArgi-9 Plus.

Dr. Joe will discuss the science behind this remarkable product and the benefits of its supporting ingredients. Followig Dr. Joe, you'll receive a Corporate Update from Area Manager, Stacey Ryan. Find out about all the exciting promotions and get the latest details on an upcoming Synergy Weekend in November featuring Mads Ostvang!

Live Cardio Call with Dr. Joe
Date: Monday, October 25
Time: 8:30 - 9:30 PM GST (Irish time)

Space is limited! Reserve your seat by clicking on the link below:

Register Now

Global Facebook Promotion

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Guys!

I’m excited to announce this worldwide promotion that will help you maximize the benefits of social networking and connect with Team Members around the globe.

Sign on to your Facebook account and go to our Synergy Facebook page to take advantage of our new Global Facebook Promotion for a chance to win a Synergy Business pack valued at $500!

Starting today, Friday, October 15, and lasting through Tuesday, November 30, when you become a fan of our Synergy Facebook page you’ll be entered for a chance to win an incredible Synergy Business pack full of product and Synergy branded paraphernalia! This business pack includes:

• 4-pack ProArgi-9 Plus
• Synergy polo
• Synergy hat
• Synergy t-shirt
• ProArgi-9 water bottle
• Synergy luggage tag
• Synergy Ogio laptop bag
• 2 Synergy shot glasses

Want to increase your chances to win?

• Become a fan of the Synergy Facebook page: 1 entry (All current fans will be automatically entered)
• Get a friend to become a fan of the Synergy Facebook page: 2 additional entries
• Post a picture of you with your favorite Synergy product: 2 additional entries
• Share your product testimonial on our Synergy Facebook page: 5 additional entries

Remember, anyone in the world can participate in this promotion! Our Synergy page is for everyone, not just Synergy Team members. Pass this information onto your friends, family and prospects.

In addition, there will be 4 more lucky winners exclusively from our market! Submit a creative picture of yourself, representing Synergy WorldWide and your country and have a chance to win a 4-pack of ProArgi-9 Plus. The most original entry will win. Let the creative juices begin!

Go to the Synergy Facebook page and get started today!

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland & UK
Synergy WorldWide

October Newsletter

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Team Members,

The fall months are officially here, which in this industry means one thing – increased activity. The summer months, which typically are known for being ‘slow months’, were full of success. I commend each of you for your hard work and dedication that made this possible. If we can keep up this momentum, then winter will be off the charts!

With Christmas on the horizon, thoughts are often turned to family and the things that matter most to us. Consequently, this also becomes a time of year when people are in greater need. Now, more than ever, people are looking for a way to make an extra few Euros. Health also becomes an issue as the crispness in the air often brings an increased susceptibility to colds and the flu.

Our products and the Synergy business opportunity becomes a solution to these needs. I encourage each of you to analyze your business plans. Think about these common needs that people have and find a way to help others catch the vision of what Synergy WorldWide and our V3 products can do for them.

NEW Fast Start Promotion

On October 1 we launched an incredible promotion involving the Fast Start Bonus. Lasting through the end of February 2011, ALL CV associated with a new sign-up will be kept within your organization. That’s right; no CV will be removed to payout Fast Start Bonus!

This increase in volume will result in more rank advancements, an increase in residual income, and widespread success felt by Team Members throughout Europe! Never before has there been such a promotion that will drive your business to success.

There’s no better time than the present! This business opportunity, combined with our products and this new promotion sets the stage for success to be experienced by everyone. I invite you to share this exciting news with your teams and with potential prospects everywhere!

Click here for a printable version of the Fast Start promotion details.

Rank Advancements

Congratulations to each of you who worked so hard this last month to achieve a rank advancement. Your dedication and passion for this business does not go unnoticed! I look forward to seeing your name appear on many more recognition lists to come. Well done!

Liam Kennedy, Ireland

Robbie Ward, Ireland

Bridget Heavey, Ireland
Damien Kelly, Ireland
Gerald Joyce, Ireland
Helen Drea, Ireland
David Allen, Ireland
Jeremy Townsend, UK
Steve and Metcalfe Derham Kevin, UK
James Booth, UK

Let us take advantage of each moment of each day. Time is a fragile thing, and if we let it, before we know it, it will pass us by. Each one of you is capable of great things and as you work with your teams, new levels never before imagined will be achieved! I encourage you to take the initiative and take action today. As you roll up your sleeves, become engaged in your Synergy business, and help your team succeed, your future dreams will become a reality.

To look for upcoming meetings and events in your area and around the country, click here. If you’d like to post your meeting on the blog, please email me at

Leave a Legacy

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland & UK
Synergy WorldWide

Meeting Agenda - Ireland

Monday, October 11, 2010

We're excited with what October is going to bring with so much activity around the country. Be sure to join in on these upcoming events!
(Updated regularly so please check back for additional dates)

Product Information Evenings

Location: Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore
Date: Tuesday 12th October
Time: 8pm

Location: Crown Plaza Hotel, Dundalk
Date: Wednesday 13th October
Time: 7.30pm

Location: Clayton Hotel Galway
Date: Thursday 14th October
Time: 8pm

Synergy Training Day
Location: Malton 2 Suite, Radisson Hotel, Dublin Airport
Date: Saturday 16th October
Time: 10am - 1pm

Synergy Event
Location: Grove Medical Centre, Model Farm Road, Cork
Date: Monday 18th October
Time: 7.30pm
Further details available through Michael on 0868928294 or Maria on 0871420552

Product Information Evening
Location: Annebrook Hotel, Mullingar
Date: Thursday 21st October
Time: 8pm

Building Your Synergy Business

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful time of year! The chill has returned to the air and the leaves are changing colour. Despite the beauty that surrounds us, this time of year is famous for increased susceptibility to common colds, the flu, and other illnesses.

Supporting and enhancing our immune system becomes increasingly important as we head into these colder months. This involves living a health-promoting lifestyle, proper stress management, adequate exercise, a proper diet and the appropriate use of nutritional supplements. Knowing this, what better time than the present is there to share the benefits of our fantastic products.

Improve your health, both body and mind

Today we live in a world where current, up-to-date information is critical to our success. As a Synergy Team Member, this also applies to your Synergy business. Knowledge is powerful and provides increased confidence when speaking to others.

Frequently attending meetings will increase your knowledge of the product, strengthen your commitment to your Synergy business, and provide you with a renewed sense of energy as you connect with Team Members from across the country. These meetings are perfect for introducing friends to our products and the business opportunity.

How do I find a Synergy meeting near me?

Our new Ireland/UK Synergy blog is officially here! In addition to exciting news, messages, and training, we’ll also be maintaining a list of upcoming meetings happening across the country. Next time you’re wondering where you or a prospect that lives across the country can attend, simply go to our new Synergy blog!

Watch Stewart Rutter, Synergy Vice President of Sales, discuss the importance of holding and attending meetings.

How do I get my Synergy meeting posted?

Whether large or small, we want to know the details of your meeting. To have your meetings posted, please send the following information to :

Begin/End Time
Registration fee (if applicable)
Any other points relevant to the event

As Team Members of Synergy WorldWide, our common goal is to improve people’s lives through health, wealth and wisdom. As we combine our efforts and work together as a team, this goal will become a reality.

Leave a Legacy

Stacey Ryan
Ireland/UK Area Manager
Synergy WorldWide

Meeting Agenda - Ireland

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meetings open to attend in upcoming weeks

Location: Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore, Co Offaly.
Date: Thursday 30th September
Time: 8pm

Location: Horse and Jockey, Thurles, Co Tipperary
Date: Friday 1st October
Time: 7.30pm
(Women only meeting hosted by Women ProHealth)

Location: Mayo Suite, Hotel Westport, Mayo
Date: Wednesday 13th October
Time: 8pm

If you cannot attend yourself, make sure you inform your team or pass on to someone in that part of the country.
Also, please keep checking for additional dates as this will be updated on a regular basis.