Omega-3 Gel Packets Discontinued

Effective immediately, Synergy is discontinuing the distribution and manufacturing of Omega-3 Gel packets. This decision has been made in cooperation with our Quality Assurance and Operations teams in an effort to maintain a superior standard of quality. Our sources for the packaging and manufacturing of Omega-3 gel packets were inconsistent in meeting this standard.

At this time, the staff at the Hughes Center for Research & Innovation has begun exploring alternative solutions that will allow us to offer an effective, reliable Omega-3 formula while maintaining complete control over packaging and manufacturing quality.

We appreciate your patience as we work toward a solution.

About Synergy’s Commitment to Quality

Our Quality Assurance experts are committed to the reputation of our company and the wellness of our Team Members and their customers. Every batch of Synergy product is rigorously tested before distribution to ensure safety, reliability, and efficacy. Any batch of Synergy product that does not meet our high quality standards is rejected, no matter the expense. To learn more about Synergy’s unwavering commitment to quality, click here.



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