Synergy Gels Now Available in the U.K.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Synergy’s gel matrix product line is now available in the United Kingdom! These new products became available not long ago in several of our European markets and have quickly become favorites for many Team Members and customers. See for yourself what makes these gels so popular, effective, convenient, and delicious.

Click each link for product info!

Follow these guidelines to order Synergy gels:

  • Gel orders must be made over the phone. Simply call Customer Service: 0800-917-354
  • Pricing for gels is established in Euros. Conversion rates will apply to all gel orders
  • A flat shipping rate of €12 will apply to every gel order

IMPORTANT: Synergy gels are available for a limited-time only in mainland U.K. They are currently unavailable in Northern and Southern Ireland. Gels are to be ordered for personal consumption only and are not eligible for resale or autoship. Gel labels will appear in Spanish and German. Gel orders must be called in to our friendly customer service agents.

We are pleased to be able to offer these wonderful new products to our friends in the U.K. We look forward to their many benefits being shared with our superb teams throughout the country. Call and place your order today!

Pricing for U.K. Gel Orders:

Product CV Wholesale* (incl. VAT)
Essential Greens - 1 Box (30 packets per box) 50 € 70.91
Essential Greens - 5 Boxes 150 € 256.37
FL-3X - 1 Box (8 bottles per box) 50 € 76.37
FL-3X - 5 Boxes 150 € 283.63
Mistify Gel - 1 Box (30 packets per box) 50 € 70.91
Mistify Gel - 5 Boxes 150 € 256.37
Omega-3 - 1 Box (30 packets per box) 50 € 70.91
Omega-3 - 5 Boxes 150 € 256.37
Pro-MUN - 1 Box (30 packets per box) 50 € 70.91
Pro-MUN - 5 Boxes 150 € 256.37
VitaZone - 1 Box (30 packets per box) 50 € 70.91
VitaZone - 5 Boxes 150 € 256.37
Gels Combo Pack (1 Box of Each)
(Mistify, E. Greens, Vitazone, Pro-MUN, Omega-3)
150 € 256.37

*Wholesale pricing shown is available to Team Members and Preferred Customers currently eligible for Synergy 10% autoship discount. Those ineligible pay an additional 10%.

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