Beware the Holiday Snack Attack

Monday, November 30, 2015

The holidays are upon us and that means cold weather, family, and endless food and goodies. With all of that tempting food surrounding you, it can be hard to stay on track with healthy eating. Here are a few tips that will help you make it through the holidays without sacrificing your healthy habits or the fun of socializing with family and friends.

Recipe Remix
If you’re baking during the holidays, save yourself some calories with healthy swaps. Instead of oil, use applesauce (ratio 1:1), skip the sugar and add stevia (1:3/4), and ditch regular milk and use almond milk (1:1). Synergy lovers have found that SLMsmart Meal Replacement is a great substitute for flour in a variety of SLMsmart recipes created by you. While using all of these healthy swaps at once will make your cookies and treats better for you, we recommend trying one swap per recipe, so have fun and start experimenting!

Stay Hydrated
Social schedules packed with holiday parties and fun outings with the family leaves little room to think about your water intake, especially when there is an abundance of sugary hot drinks and cocktails that sound much more appealing. However, most people don’t realize that many food cravings are actually water cravings. By staying properly hydrated, not only will your skin look amazing in holiday photos, you will be able to avoid becoming a victim of the endless desserts that show up on your doorstep. And while you’re pouring yourself a glass of refreshing, much-needed water, add a scoop or packet of ProArgi-9+ or a dose of Phytolife for even more far-reaching health benefits.

Plan Ahead
If you’re heading to a holiday party and already feeling hungry, try eating a sensible meal before arriving. No time to meal prep? Mix up a SLMsmart Meal Replacement shake in place. This shake is the perfect small meal because its three-protein blend keeps you satisfied for hours, and it's loaded with all of the essential nutrients your body craves. This will allow you to pick and choose what treats you really want instead of eating anything and everything in sight because you are desperate to ease your hunger. Also, if you are bringing a dish to share, go for a healthy and filling option that you know fits within your diet goals.

The holiday season is a time that should be spent with loved ones, not fretting over your nutrition goals. Don’t beat yourself up if you eat an extra cookie after dinner or add another helping of potatoes to your plate. Remind yourself of your goals and remember that tomorrow is another day to start again. While this won’t keep the weight off, it will definitely make the holidays more enjoyable while you work toward a healthier New Year.

Happy holidays!

Team Members Earn Highest Go Elite Bonus

Sunday, November 22, 2015

In early November, two Synergy distributors and partners from Austria were announced as the first Team Members to earn the highest Go Elite bonus of €1200. This means that they became Elite Honors qualified and sponored 10 or more Elite Honors qualifiers in one month.

Congratulations, Pearl Executive Franz Friess and Team Leader Corinna Fröwein! These exemplary leaders have proven that earning the highest Go Elite payout is attainable through focus and determination. A special congratulations to Franz for exceeding the highest Go Elite bonus qualification in October and sponsoring 11 Elite Honors qualifiers.  

Corinna and Franz didn’t jump into Elite Honors blindly. They sat down after the Elite Honors launch at Summit 2015 and devised a detailed plan, which made accomplishing their goals easier, Corinna said. Though their plan made the task at hand „easier“, it did not necessarily make it „easy.“ They were on the road constantly, working long days to achieve this goal.

Franz knew from the beginning that he wanted to be the first Team Member in Europe to sponsor at least 10 Elite Honors qualifiers in one month. It was of the utmost imporance to him to show those he was leading what was possible through this new business model.

„I am absolutely sure that the Elite Honors earnings model has the power to change everything,“ Franz said. „I’ve seen many new Team Members celebrate their earnings. Most of my Elite Honors qualifiers were actually new Team Members. As soon as I signed them up I began encouraging them to become Elite Honors qualified.“

Corinna arranges meetings in her home and public presentations to teach people more about Elite Honors. She said many of the Team Members in her downline have committed to do everything in their power to become qualifiers becaue they know it is the most successful way to build their businesses. Corinna and Franz spend a great deal of time supporting those who are working toward Elite Honors.

Both Corinna and Franz siad they know the Elite Honors business model works because they’ve witnessed it. Their commissions have increased in the last two months becaue they are actively building their Synergy business along with the majority of their team.

 „Believe in yourself and don’t listen to the voices in your head that say you can’t,“ Corinna said. „I wanted to show people that anyone in Europe can earn this bonus. I don’t have one of the highest titles with Synergy, but it was possible for me to earn the highest possible amount through the Go Elite Promotion.“

Franz and Corinna hope that Elite Honors is an essential part of the Synergy business long-term. Franz expressed his gratitude for Corinna’s tireless efforts and strong belief, calling her Austria’s “superstar”.

Go Elite bonuses have been up for grabs for more than two months and Synergy has already paid out more than €42000. Click here to learn how to earn a Go Elite bonus.

Remember, you have until February 29, 2016, to take advantage of the Go Elite bonus promotion!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

With the Elite Honours program in full swing, Team Members have been building stronger businesses through defined monthly goals.

 In September, 330 Team Members in Europe became Elite Honours Qualified. That means at least 330 new distributors were enrolled and more than 1,000 customers latched onto Synergy products. Team Members who are becoming Elite Honours Qualified have found that the Elite Honours earnings model is exactly what their businesses were missing.

Congratulations to the many who are finding success through Elite Honours thus far!

Here are a few insights from our newest Elite Honours Qualifiers regarding their success with Elite Honours:

Halldor Kolbeins, Iceland
I love the motivation that the Elite Honours program has given my team. I love explaining this system to new Team Members and showing them how this can help them build a successful long term business in the long term. It’s also great to have the financial bonuses in the short-run as rewards for building our business and for working together as a team to guarantee we are all successful. My team loves the Elite Honours system!

Harm-Aike Hollmann, Germany

Elite Honours is a critical business building tool that simplifies the process of establishing a strong business foundation and promoting long-term success. It also provides incentive for new members to quickly build their business as well as veteran Team Members to continue adding to their customer base. By having customers experience positive results with products matched to their needs, we are creating strong relationships and strengthening trust between the customer and the Team Member.

Tina Fleming, Ireland
Through Elite Honours, Synergy is rewarding us for being more customer-based, which allows our customers to take back control for their own health and wellness while having the support of a team member/sponsor who will advise them on their journey. As a holistic health professional for over 20 years, this no-pressure approach made sense to me. We are truly taking care of people in a holistic manner by focusing on what is best for them instead of focusing only on ourselves and our need to grow our business.  The Elite Honors system provides a concrete goal and motivates me to become even more successful. I personally want to make a difference, one customer at a time, so that I can truly leave a legacy."

Click here to find out what it takes to become Elite Honours Qualified.

PhD Scientist to Speak in Ireland

Thursday, November 19, 2015

When: Saturday, November 28th, 10.30 a.m.
Where: Citywest Hotel, Dublin

Description: We are excited to welcome a special guest speaker to our bi-monthly Dublin Event, Dr. David Hamilton, PhD.

Bestselling author of seven books published by Hay House, Dr. Hamilton gives talks that use science to inspire, fusing science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom.

Having worked on drug development in the pharmaceutical industry for four years, Dr. Hamilton became intrigued by the placebo effect and began studying mind-body interactions. He left the industry to write and speak about the mind, its abilities, and helping others believe in themselves more. He believes strongly in kindness and wishes to spread the idea that a small group of people with compassion and kindness in their hearts can change the world.

Come with your team and guests to learn from Dr. Hamilton, and find out more information on taking control of your long-term health based on discoveries that were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.

PLUS ... all guests will be entered into a prize draw where the winner will be picked out to receive a complimentary Synergy Product Pack!

Registration: 10.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Recognition & Presentations: 11.00 a.m.

For more information contact Keith Robinson:


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Synergy Customer Service will be closed Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Normal business hours will resume on Monday, November 30.

 If you have any business that needs to be taken care of with Customer Service, please call earlier in the week. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs before and after the holiday.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Thanksgiving from Synergy headquarters!

Elite Team Leader Camp

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Join us in Alicante, Spain, in May of 2016, for an Elite Team Leader Meeting with two of Synergy's top leaders: Presidential Executive Paul Blad and Emerald Executive Bart Woodcook! More event details coming soon!

Qualify for this event between November 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016, by meeting any of the following requirements.

How to Qualify

If your current highest title is Star, you must achieve the Gold title for the first time AND be Elite Honors Qualified three times during the qualification period.

If your current highest title is Bronze, Silver or Gold, you must achieve the Team Leader title for the first time AND be Elite Honors Qualified three times during the qualification period.

If your current highest title is Team Leader or above, you must maintain your highest title two times (with a minimum 4000 CV increase) or rank advance to a new highest title AND be Elite Honors Qualified three times during the qualification period.

* Synergy will cover accommodation, food, entertainment, and training, for all qualifiers, however, qualifiers will be responsible for airfare and transfer costs.


Friday night: Dinner
Saturday: Training & relaxation
Saturday Night: Dinner & a show
Sunday: Training, recognition & relaxation
Monday: Departures

Congratulations October 2015 Go Elite Earners!

Monday, November 16, 2015

An elite group of  Synergy Team Members went beyond the call of duty in September by not only becoming Elite Honors Qualified, but training those they sponsor to become Elite Honors Qualified. By fulfilling the Elite Honors requirements and sponsoring requirements, these Team Members earned Go Elite bonuses based on the number of Elite Honors Qualifiers they sponsored. Click here to learn more about the Go Elite Promotion.

Synergy WorldWide paid out £17,370 in Go Elite bonuses in October. Amazing! We hope that this payout will continue to increase until the Go Elite promotion ends on February 29, 2015.

Challenge yourself to Go Elite this month!

Are Synergy Products Organic?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

When it comes to nutritional supplements, you deserve superior quality. One of the most frequent product questions we answer in our Customer Service department and on our manufacturing tours is, "Are Synergy products organic?"

As many of you may know, the term "organic" refers to a plant growing method that does not use synthetic chemicals. The extensive farm audits and raw material testing our quality control team performs ensures that all of our herbs and raw materials meet organic standards. Because of our strict internal testing, we do not pursue third party organic certification for any of our finished products. The organic certification process is primarily for marketing purposes.

When applicable, our purchasing department will look for organic-certified ingredients. However, several ingredients are not candidates for organic certification. Plants that are wild-crafted are not grown on farms, and hence cannot be certified organic. We obtain several herbs from outside of the U.S., and very few countries outside the U.S. have any kind of standard for organic certification. We only partner with suppliers that meet our strict quality standards. The extensive inspections and audits our teams conduct on each supplier and their products ensures that our herbs meet organic standards.

When you purchase from Synergy WorldWide, you are guaranteed products with no residue from fertilizers, pesticides or other types of contamination.

Remember, if an independent organization has a product with an organic certification, this certification does not necessarily mean the product contains high quality ingredients. Organic items can still be contaminated through water sources unknown to the growers. The real proof is in the testing, which Synergy conducts according to the strictest quality assurance practices in the industry.

You can be sure that we provide the highest quality products with the highest purity standards.

New Vice President of Sales for Synergy WorldWide Europe

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Synergy Team Members:

Please join with me in welcoming Carmelo D’Anzi as the new Vice President of Sales for Synergy WorldWide Europe.

Carmelo brings with him over 11 years of sales and marketing experience in the direct selling industry, working in various executive capacities throughout Europe, the United States, and Latin America, for companies such as ViSalus, Agel, and ACN. His expertise in market expansion, distributor training, and field development, combined with his enthusiasm for this industry and his proximity to our European market, will be instrumental in strengthening our local business offering.

He is a native Italian who earned his international business degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and has lived in countries throughout the world. He speaks English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and currently resides in the United Kingdom.

Stewart Rutter will continue in his capacity as Vice President of Sales, shifting his focus from Europe and the United States to global sales initiatives.


Dan Norman
Synergy WorldWide

Elite Honours Qualifiers (Oct. 2015)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Elite Honors program is streamlining the way organizations do business with Synergy WordWide while maximizing each Team Member’s earning potential. Team Members following the program are seeing the extra rewards that are made possible through the Go Elite promotion as they continue doing what they’ve been doing all along—building their Synergy businesses.

October 2015 Recognition

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Listed below are the names of everyone in Europe who rank advanced in October! Congratulations to our hardworking Team Members who continue to dedicate tremendous time and effort to their Synergy business.

Rank Advancements

Team Manager
Oliver Staudenmann (Norway)

Team Leader
Werner Gaisch (Austria) Per Staudenmann (Norway) Maria Jose Hoyos Ragel (Spain) Ewa I Tomasz Nyikó (Poland) Olena Koutsiou (Poland)

Team Manager Academy dates are set for 2016!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Commit yourself to attend next year’s Team Manager Academy June 16-19, 2016!

The 2016 Team Manager Academy will be held at the Interalpen Hotel in Tyrol, a town nestled in the Austrian Alps. Here, you will experience the epitome of Austria’s scenic beauty while enjoying personal leadership training that will help your Synergy business excel. 
In order to qualify for Team Manager Academy you must:

1. Rank advance to Team Manager for the first time between June 2015 and May 2016  – OR
2. As a sponsor, maintain the Team Manager title at least once between June 2015 and May 2016 and have a personally sponsored Team Member qualify for TMA – OR
3. Rank advance past your previous highest rank if you attended TMA 2015.

Team Manager Academy will start off with an appetizing welcome dinner. The following day, Team Members will be inspired by dynamic trainings from Synergy leaders and corporate guests. Additionally, attendees will take part in a team-building activity that challenges their leadership skills and is a perfect setting to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Everyone will say their goodbyes at a beautiful dinner to finish off a rewarding weekend.

Click here to see the 2015 TMA recap video. 

We hope dozens of new TMA qualifiers attend this year’s Team Manager Academy, making it the biggest one we’ve had so far.

We look forward to joining you for a memorable weekend!

Elite Honors Spotlights

Friday, November 06, 2015

With the Elite Honors program in full swing, Team Members have been building stronger businesses through defined monthly goals.

 In September, 330 Team Members in Europe became Elite Honors Qualified. That means at least 330 new distributors were enrolled and more than 1,000 customers latched onto Synergy products. Team Members who are becoming Elite Honors Qualified have found that the Elite Honors earnings model is exactly what their businesses were missing.

Congratulations to the many who are finding success through Elite Honors thus far!

Here are a few insights from our newest Elite Honors Qualifiers regarding their success with Elite Honors:

Kim Bradley, United Kingdom
“By achieving Elite Honors yourself, you will help everyone on your team in the long term because leading by example is a key requirement for a successful business. Showing the way--not just one month, but many months throughout the year--will instill confidence in yourself, and that confidence will be duplicated by those who follow you.  The result of your activity will be greater excitement, momentum, and financial security for all. I feel very excited about my future with Synergy and strongly feel that this will be a landmark year for all those who embrace Elite Honors.”

Sari Pulkka, Finland
“Immediately after returning home from the Rome Summit, I could already see the success others were having with the Elite Honors program and it inspired me to qualify. I wanted to lead my team by example, but it’s also nice getting recognized for my work, which motivates me to qualify each month. The Go Elite Bonus is an added benefit to those already practicing solid business building strategies. While it’s great to have a goal in mind, sharing your Synergy experience with others should be fun! It’s been great telling others about my own positive experiences with the product and helping them pick products that will benefit them the most. Your energy and attitude are contagious, so stay relaxed, enjoy yourself, and you’ll become Elite Honors qualified in no time!” 

Marlis Hoffmann, Germany
”The Elite Honors program is a great extension of our business structure because it supports our mission to listen to our customers and work with them to find a solution to their concerns. The personal attention given to each customer’s different needs promotes trust and customer loyalty. Satisfied customers share their positive experiences with others, allowing our network to grow in a stable way. Elite Honors Club promotes team cooperation and individual support for each new distributor, which also helps new distributors quickly see benefits through product sales and business growth.“ 

Click here to find out what it takes to become Elite Honors Qualified.

UK & Ireland 2016 Kickoff Events!

Friday, November 06, 2015


When: Friday, January 15, 7.00p.m.
Where: Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow, UK


When: Saturday, January 16, 10.30a.m.
Where: Green Isle Hotel Dublin, Ireland

Description: Join Synergy Leaders and Rob Lord, GM for Western Europe, for this exciting event as we kick-start 2016 for what is sure to be a defining year for Synergy WorldWide and Team Members, throughout the UK and Ireland!

Come with your team and guests to learn more about …

NEW Products
NEW Programmes
NEW Incentives
NEW Business Building Tools

PLUS ... everyone who attends will receive FREE PRODUCT and will be entered into FREE prize draws to win special Synergy Promotional Packs!

We look forward to welcoming new and old friends as we come together to train, lead, motivate and inspire each other to continued success in the coming year!

ATTENTION: New UK & Ireland phone and fax lines

Thursday, November 05, 2015

UK & Ireland Customer Service have new telephone numbers and fax numbers. All other contact information will remain the same. Be sure to note these changes and only call Customer Service using these numbers.

NEW UK phone number: 0808-234-2462
NEW UK fax number: 0800-056-9083

NEW Ireland phone number: 1800-200-287
NEW Ireland fax number: 1800-200-028

These numbers have been tested and Synergy agents are ready to receive your calls!

If you use the old numbers, you will be instructed to call back using the new numbers. All forms, websites and other marketing materials will be updated to reflect this change in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Track Your Go Elite Promotion Progress

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Recently added to the Elite Honors Qualification tracker in Pulse is a new feature that displays your progress toward earning a Go Elite Bonus.

Not familiar with the Elite Honors tracker? CLICK HERE to sign into Pulse and start tracking your progress.

Located at the bottom of the tracker, the Go Elite Bonus bar displays how many new and old Team Members you have personally sponsored that are Elite Honors Qualified. This bar also shows the bonus amount you will earn in your next commissions payout based on how many EHQ Team Members you have sponsored.

Make the Elite Honors and Go Elite tracker a useful tool in your pursuit to become Elite Honors Qualified and build a strong, rewarding business.

Team Elite: Maurizio Biasci

Monday, November 02, 2015

Congratulations to Maurizio Biasci, Synergy Italy’s Team Elite!

Maurizio began his career in network marketing nine years ago and has grown to love it even more with each passing year. He was originally drawn to network marketing for the opportunity it provided to those willing to work hard, and for the energetic people it attracts. He has grown to appreciate how quickly new Team Members can earn rewards for their drive and dedication.

“I tell my friends and distributors to work hard for the first two or three years and you will have benefits for over twenty years,” said Maurizio.

Since joining Synergy, he has quickly rank advanced to Team Elite through hard work, determination to lead by example, and by practicing the principles of duplication. He truly believes that anyone can achieve their goals if they speak from their heart and are genuinely passionate about the products and vision Synergy offers.

Maurizio also believes in a strong team dynamic. He works to foster strong interpersonal relationships within his team. He feels personally responsible for his Team Members’ success and does everything he can to support them.

“When a distributor decides to become part of my team,” said Maurizio, “he is essentially putting his future, and that of his family, in my hands. Because of this, I feel personally responsible for their decision to join Synergy and I work with them to make sure they’re taking steps to become as successful as possible.”

As a new Team Elite, Maurizio truly believes in the lucrative compensation plan Synergy offers as well as the unrivalled integrity of the products. While achieving this new rank has been an honor, he has already set his sights on becoming a Pearl Executive. “I believe in always keeping your eyes on your goal and never looking back. Never quit until you reach the top.”