It’s an exciting time in Western Europe as seven brand new monthly opportunity events were launched across the UK and Ireland. Click here to view the event calendar and plan your next support of a Synergy meeting.

Rome Summit 2015
Those who have attended past Summit events, including our fantastic Barcelona Summit last year, know these are truly life-changing experiences and we are well on our way to doubling Western Europe attendance from last year’s event! For those who have not yet registered, make sure you take advantage of our fantastic early bird price of €59 which ends April 30th. You won’t want to miss out, so register now by clicking here.

Team Manager Academy
Team Manager Academy is quickly approaching! This year, we’ve included an extra day at the luxurious Interalpen Hotel in the Austrian Alps! Don’t forget we have an exclusive promotion just for the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, which enables you to qualify at 10,000 CV on your weak leg! Here is a reminder of how it works:

  • Grow your business to 10,000 CV on the weak leg by May 31st, with a minimum 5,000 increase, and you qualify for TMA in Austria!
  • For those who have already achieved Team Manager or above, grow your business to 20,000 CV on the weak leg by May 31st, with a minimum 5,000 increase, and you will also qualify!

**Qualifiers will have their accommodations, meals, trainings and organised events paid for. All qualifiers must pay their own transportation costs to and from the event**

2x2 Builder Bonus
Taking advantage of the 2x2 Builder Bonus could be the driving force in your business that takes you to Team Manager Academy. The only way to build your business is to increase the duplication in your team as you focus on sponsoring two new Team Members and help them to get their two, and so on.

Every time you do this, we reward you with £162/€200,but, more importantly, as your business grows, your basic commission grows and your Mega-Match grows. This will set you on your way to Austria this June!

2015 is already proving to be a "year of action” in Western Europe. This year, Team Members are holding themselves and their teams more accountable while challenging themselves to build stronger and more successful businesses. We know that we have something very special with Synergy’s exceptional products and unrivalled business opportunity. We have a responsibility to empower others by sharing the message throughout the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands! The first quarter of 2015 is drawing to a close, so take some time to review your goals. How are you doing? Are you making good progress? Have you followed through on your new year’s resolution to “take action”?

I applaud those who have worked hard to actively put their goals into action! To those of you who feel like you are stuck in a rut, I encourage you to not let any more time pass you by. Use March as a second chance to really commit yourself to your business and set you on your way to a fantastic 2015!

As ever, I thank you for the way you represent Synergy WorldWide on a daily basis and I wish you an extra special March!

Rob Lord
General Manager for Western Europe



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