Western Europe Dan Higginson Challenge Results!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

After 3 months of hard work we are able to crown the victor of the Western Europe Dan Higginson Challenge. The winning country has earned the right to host Dan and receive inspired leadership training on the 17th May ...



Here are the final results:

Country Points
 1st Place - Ireland 4,031
 2nd Place - UK 3,314
 3rd Place - Spain 2,185
                                            Total points as of May 8, 2014

Ireland put in an absolutely monumental effort over the last 5 days of the competition to ensure they maintained their lead right to the winning post...a lead which they have held since day 1 of the competition! The UK fought well and worked really hard and closed the gap to just 7 points at one stage. Spain also competed well and I think they are well aware now just how much the UK and Ireland like to beat each other!

Congratulations again to Ireland but thank you to everyone for embracing this challenge and there are no losers as every country has gained tangible momentum in their businesses and sets us up for a fantastic May and beyond!

We are already looking forward to our next Western Europe Challenge!

To learn more about the challenge, CLICK HERE.

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