Attention all women: Join Synergy Sisters!

As the women of Synergy, we can achieve great things together!

Click here for the flyer!

Team Leaders Kim Bradley and Kate Flint are the founders of Synergy Sisters, a new group that was created as a supportive network for every Synergy woman.

Women now have an easy to way to access the help they need to reach their goals, and ultimately, reach high rank advancement titles. The small number of women with large Synergy businesses is a trend that can change and needs to change! Synergy has dozens of exciting things on the horizon, and it’s important that the women of Synergy lock arms and support each other as new challenges come and the business continues to grow.

Want to be a Synergy Sister? Participate in bi-weekly conference calls!

The 1st Monday of the month at 1 pm
The 3rd Monday of the month at 7.30 pm

These calls are scheduled for 45 minutes to an hour through December 2014. Information regarding the conference call schedule in 2015 will come at a later date. 

Full details on these calls can be found on the Synergy Sisters Facebook page:

These calls are for you! Your involvement is requested.
  • Tell us what subjects you’d like Kate and Kim to cover on the calls.
  • Volunteer to be a special guest!
Kate and Kim have a goal to bring more than 100 women from the United Kingdom to the 2014 Summit in Barcelona. After attending the Global Summit in Seoul, both Kate and Kim were profoundly affected by the event and wanted other women to have the same experience. They look forward to cheering on many Synergy Sisters as they receive rank advancement awards at the Barcelona Summit in September. 

"Being with people from 27 different countries of all races, religions and backgrounds, gathered together in the name of health, wealth and enriching the lives of the people they know, touched us in a very deep way," Kim said. "There is no doubt that Synergy is a fantastic company to be aligned with, because at its root are outstanding products and an outstanding business opportunity that is promoted by outstanding people." 

Grab a coffee, get comfy for one hour twice a month, and have fun on the calls. You won't find another networking group quite like it.  

Contact Kim or Kate directly for further information:
Kim Bradley 07970 584851 email:
Kate Flint 07907 363296 email:



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