2x2 Builder Bonus Ending Soon

Saturday, December 29, 2012

As a reminder, the 2x2 Builder Bonus is coming to an end on December 31, 2012. Take advantage of next few days to reap the rewards of this incredible promotion.

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This phenomenal bonus has helped Team Members all across Europe earn extra money while building their Synergy business on fundamental principles of sponsorship and duplication. We thank all those who actively participated in this promotion and hope that it provided additional momentum for your Synergy business.

Title Plus Bonus

Synergy has rewarded Team Members all across Europe with additional cash, free product, and iPads for their participation in the Title Plus Bonus.

This exciting promotion will continue through February 2013. As a reminder, the Title Plus Bonus rewards Team Members who rank advance from Star through the Team Director level.

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2013 Ireland Kick Off Event

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Team members and guests throughout Ireland are invited to attend this exciting event where they can learn proven tools on how to build their business of Synergy to participate in Synergy's vision for 2013.

When: February 7, 2013. 18.30 – 21.30
Where: Citywest Hotel Dublin
Saggart  Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Cost: Free

2013 UK Kick Off Event

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Team members and guests throughout the UK are invited to attend this exciting event where they can learn proven tools on how to build their business of Synergy to participate in Synergy's vision for 2013.

When: February 10, 2013 (11.00am – 3.00pm)
Where: Park Inn Hotel & Conference Center London Heathrow
Bath Rd  Heathrow, Middlesex UB7 0DU, United Kingdom
Cost: Free

Europe Team Member Recognition - November 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Listed below are the names of everyone in Europe who rank advanced in November! Congratulations to our hardworking Team Members who continue to dedicate tremendous time and effort to their Synergy business.

November Rank Advancements

Presidential Executive
Mads Østvang (Norway)

Pearl Executive
Heidi Byrkjeland  (Sweden)

Team Elite
Elfriede Tappauf (Austria)
Heidi Byrkjeland (Sweden)

Team Manager
Marek Amrosz (Poland)
Lars-goeran Nystroem (Sweden)
Karin Eriksson (Sweden)
Marlene Arnstein (Sweden)

Team Leader
Jacqueline Tappauf (Austria)
Daniel Krawcewicz (Germany)
Vilma Senica (Austria)
Heidelinde Kelbic (Austria)
Catarina Staaf (Sweden)
Ritva Ja Kari Kuusela (Finland)
Herbjørn Anglen (Norway)
Marlene Arnstein (Sweden)
Team Ebali (Austria)
Gunilla Knutsson (Sweden)
Janos Kovacs (Austria)
Susanna Aronsson (Sweden)
Alternativmedicinskapraktiken I Örebro HB (Sweden)

Michael i Aldona Mosiejko (Poland)

*Click here to see all November 2012 rank advancements

Presidential Executive, Mads Østvang

Monday, December 17, 2012

Congratulations to Synergy WorldWide’s newest Presidential Executive, Mads Østvang!

Mads Østvang is as versatile as they come. He has experience in carpentry, factory work, and logging. He served as an officer in the Norwegian military and a police officer responsible for investigation and operative services. Mads also completed a two and a half year college course in leadership. In his spare time, this father of two serves as an instructor of equestrianism and hang gliding. He knows how to work hard and have fun. "I have had a job since I was 12,” Mads says. “I learned early on how to work hard while focusing on goals."

In 2007, Mads was introduced to Synergy Worldwide by Pernille Rustand and Bart Woodcook. When he first learned about the company, Mads was intrigued enough to make the trip to the United States to take a closer look. While in Utah, he received product samples and continued to learn more about Synergy WorldWide and its extensive possibilities. He looked into the company, product, timing, and compensation plan and discovered that the company was strong in all four areas. This excited Mads as he considered Synergy WorldWide to be worthy of the highest grade.

Pearl Executive, Heidi Byrkjeland

Monday, December 17, 2012

Congratulations to Heidi Byrkjeland for becoming Pearl Executive!

Heidi’s career with Synergy WorldWide began in the fall of 2007 when her good friend, Mads Østvang, introduced her to the company. Mads was planning a trip to Utah with his brother, Martin, and invited Heidi to go with them. “Mads invited me to come along because he said that I am always the skeptical one who needs to check everything out before considering an opportunity,” Heidi explains. While in Utah, Heidi learned more about Synergy and all that the company had to offer.

Realizing the phenomenal opportunity, Heidi signed up and became Mads’ first sponsored Team Member. From the beginning, Heidi has been dedicated to her Synergy business and committed to building her Swedish team. Once Sweden officially opened as a Synergy market, she and her team had to overcome numerous challenges as they worked towards sharing the product and business opportunity with others. These challenges helped build a strong foundation of determination and optimism within her organization.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Synergy Europe Customer Service

Customer Service Closes Early

Friday, December 14, 2012

Synergy Customer Service will close Wednesday, December 19 at 20.00 for a corporate Christmas party. Normal business hours will resume Thursday, December 20. By way of reminder, you may continue to place orders and process enrollments through Synergy Pulse.

Thank you for your understanding and Happy Holidays!