Dan Norman's Executive Message

It’s amazing how fast time is flying! At the end of this month, we will officially be at the midpoint of 2011. Since the beginning of this year, Synergy Europe has experienced tremendous growth and is reaching new levels of success. Today, more than ever, people are being blessed by our phenomenal products and lucrative business opportunity.

As I have traveled to various markets throughout Europe, I’ve always returned home with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for each of you and your teams. Your integrity, passion, and dedication have paved the way for this company to experience continued growth and success. Our company is driven by loyal team members who stand for honesty, who work with great enthusiasm, and who lead with a sincere desire to leave a personal legacy.

Listed below are a few significant milestones Synergy WorldWide achieved during the first quarter.

2011: Q1 Report
Nature’s Sunshine has recently released its first quarter operating results. Within this report you’ll find honest numbers that reflect the true state of the company. These figures give me great confidence that, as a company, we are moving in the right direction. Allow me to highlight a few statistics that compare Q1 of 2011 to the same quarter just a year ago:

• Worldwide net sales increased from $13.9 million to $20.7 million – an increase of 42.8%
• Significant growth in the United States, Korea, and Europe continues to fuel company success
• All other international markets continue to grow and experience renewed excitement

I congratulate all of you for your tremendous efforts. It is by your diligence in presenting Synergy products and business opportunity that our numbers continue to reach new levels.

Rank Advancements
Rank advancements have continued to climb in 2011. As done in 2010, we are seeing widespread success all over the world. In fact, during the first quarter of this year, we’ve welcomed three new Team Members to the Executive levels:

Diamond Executive: Mads Oestvang, Norway
Pearl Executive: Tor Gunnar Standahl (Norway), Bob & Kay Holker (USA)

I congratulate these hard working individuals and recognize the amount of dedication and persistence it takes to achieve these titles. I look forward to welcoming them to the Presidential ranks soon.

In addition to these top rank advancements, the number of new pin levels achieved continues to grow worldwide. In fact, when comparing our global rank advancements to the same first quarter numbers in 2010, they have grown by an incredible 108 percent!

Take a look at how global rank advancements have grown in the first quarter of this year:

Star: 1041              
Bronze: 432           
Silver: 163             
Gold: 118               
Team Leader: 95    
Team Manager: 38
Team Director: 12
Team Elite: 2
Pearl Executive: 2
Diamond Executive: 1

2011 Global Summit
Synergy WorldWide will host the 2011 Global Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 22-24. This will be an incredible event as our entire Synergy family comes together to celebrate its success and prepare for the future. Filled with new product launches, powerful training, and exciting global announcements, the Summit will leave Team Members with renewed energy and increased confidence in our future together at Synergy WorldWide. Please do all you can to encourage yourself and other Team Members to join us for this incredible, life-changing event.

Looking to the Future
With upmost confidence, I believe that our future is brighter than ever before. As a worldwide team, we are working together to build, strengthen, and lift this company to new heights. I admire your commitment and passion for this great work and look forward to seeing many of you at the 2011 Global Summit in Las Vegas.


Dan Norman
Synergy WorldWide



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