March 2011 Newsletter

Another incredible month has ended and March madness is officially here!

You know we’re off to a great start when the first day of March brings sunshine and a chance to earn a free trip to Las Vegas for the 2011 Global Summit! As of yesterday, March 1, you and your team can work together to get to the Global Summit on September 22-24, 2011 by achieving and maintaining rank advancements. We’re so excited to make this possible for you and we commit to helping you succeed in achieving this goal.

As I mentioned, February was an incredible month. Not only was it full of increased volume and rank advancements, but we also completed our VIP 2011 tour. I appreciate everyone who attended and made these events successful. Let’s take a look at the number of things that were discussed and announced.


Though it may be hard to believe, I promise that the whispers and rumours are true! Synergy WorldWide would like to pay your way to Las Vegas for the 2011 Global Summit. This promotion is the best of both worlds which includes an instant cash bonus and an opportunity to bank additional cash.

The Global Summit, September 22-24, is set to be the “biggest Synergy event organized to date.” Through hard work, rank advancing, and maintaining your ranks you can earn cash bonuses – on top of regular commissions – to pay for your trip to Vegas! All the details are available on Synergy Pulse, our new online business manager. I invite you to gather your teams, set your goals, and dedicate yourselves for the next six months to make sure you’re part of this fantastic event!


Synergy Pulse, our new online business manager, is now available for you to track the progress of your Synergy business.

At any time of the day or night, you can login to Synergy Pulse and get a real-time update on the status of your Synergy business. Synergy Pulse delivers the business building tools that will help you take your Synergy business to the next level. Such features include:

· Real-time volume
· Enhanced business reports
· Improved ordering & enrollment processes
· Message center
· User-friendly navigation
· Events calendar and much more

Login to Synergy Pulse and get started today!



The events in Ireland kicked off with an exclusive leader's meeting. This small group of about 20 leaders met with Dan Higginson, founder and CEO, as he shared his vision of the company and strategic direction for Synergy's future. Stewart Rutter, Vice President, then spoke about Synergy's commitment to supporting Ireland and helping them achieve an unprecedented level of success.

Following these presentations we had a round table discussion about sales support materials and the many tools that would soon be coming to Ireland. Tommy Bethards, Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications, launched Synergy Pulse - Synergy's new back office solution. Those in attendance were ecstatic to start using this tool as they realized the boost it would provide to their businesses.

The following day we held an open opportunity meeting where hundreds of Team Members gathered for an opportunity to hear our executive team train on the product, company, timing, trends and compensation plan. We also announced the exciting Las Vegas promotion - which was received with tremendous enthusiasm as Team Members now have the opportunity to have their trip to the 2011 Global Summit paid for by the company. It's safe to say that all in attendance left with a renewed sense of excitement and motivation for the Synergy opportunity.

United Kingdom

Upon arriving in the UK on Monday, February 21, Synergy's corporate representatives and top leaders gathered for some one-on-one time to discuss business strategies for 2011. This was followed by a leader's dinner where everyone was able to get better acquainted.

The following day began with a leader's meeting at 4:00 PM where sales tools, online training support systems, and the new Synergy Pulse were launched - all of which were received with enthusiasm and great anticipation for their implementation.

Later that night there was an open meeting where local leaders shared their stories, passion, and optimism for the future. Just like in Austria, Stewart Rutter announced the launch of the Las Vegas Promotion which allows European Team Members to have their trip paid for to the 2011 Global Summit in September.


I consider this to be the most important part of the newsletter each month as it allows us to recognise and acknowledge those who are working hard and advancing through the ranks as they achieve their desired goals. I congratulate each of you for your dedication, hard work, and passion for you Synergy businesses.

Yvonne E. Timmins, Ireland

John Whitford, Ireland

Tom Canavan, Ireland

Hughes Corporation Limited, UK
Austin O’Malley, Ireland
Pat McCormack, Ireland
Roy and June Slater, UK
Bharat Gangadia, UK
Joe John McKenna, Ireland
Angelina O’Dwyer, Ireland
Adrian Gannon, Ireland
Mark Sonnenberg, Ireland
Brian Rutledge, Ireland

We are experiencing great excitement and momentum in our markets. As we work together to cease every opportunity, I’m confident that our growth will only continue to increase. The evenings are now longer, so let’s put a spring into our step and tell the whole world about our amazing products and great company!

Leave a Legacy,

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland&UK
Synergy WorldWide



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