November Newsletter

Winter is definitely upon us now. The mornings have grown darker, the evenings are little chillier and Christmas decorations are now filling the shop windows. This time of year means one thing – Christmas parties are on their way!

This brings with it an opportunity to rekindle old friendships, catch up with those whom you only see once a year, and fill everyone in on the secret of your newly improved health. Yes, this beautiful season is a time of opportunity.

The key to success is about recognising the opportunities that are right in front of you. This season is a social season, filled with dinners and parties with those whom you care about the most. What better gift this Christmas than to provide a gift of improved health and financial freedom.

Synergy WorldWide is a business based on personal interaction so that each new Team Member receives the support they need to become successful. It’s crucial that we remember this element. Let us all make an extra effort to stay in close contact with our new people; especially during this time of year when other things often take priority. So let’s take advantage of this incredible season and start showing, sharing, and signing today!

NEW ProArgi-9 Plus 48 Pack
It’s now even easier to share our flagship product ProArgi-9 Plus with the latest introduction of the 48 pack. This pack will only be available until the end of the year and its competitive price offers you the deepest discount pricing available per canister of ProArgi-9 Plus, which at the end of the day, puts more money back in your pockets. Call Customer Service today and take advantage of this limited time offer.

Super Training Weekend
When speaking of the importance of building relationships, no one knows better than Pearl Executive, Mads Ostvang. As one of the most successful networkers in the world, he is responsible for the phenomenal growth happening in Norway. Mads will be coming to Dublin for a special weekend leadership training. This special weekend will be available to those who qualified as Star and above prior by the end of last month. Places will be limited, so early booking is advised. Registration details will be sent out shortly, so keep an out for that announcement.

Facebook Promotion Reminder
Since the launch of our Global Facebook Promotion on October 15, we’ve acquired fans from all over the world. I wanted to remind everyone that the Facebook promotion ends on November 39, which is now one month away! Currently we have over 1,600 fans and are experiencing more comments, participation, and interaction than ever before. Facebook can be an incredible tool to help build your business as Team Members from around the world share their testimonials, upcoming meeting details, and business building advice to help encourage and motivate one another.

Become a fan of our page today and be entered into a drawing for a Synergy product pack! See promotion details by clicking here. 

Click here and become a fan of our page today!

Congratulations to each of you who achieved a personal rank advancement during the month of October. Your hard work, dedication and perseverance has you moving up the ranks, keep it going it’s not too far to the top.

Jeremy Townsend, UK

John & Sue Baldock, UK
Dr Labonov, Oleg and Simone, UK
Kevin Derham & Steve Metcalfe, UK
John Mallen, Ireland
Mei-Mei Lillywhite, UK
James Booth, Ireland

Derek Attwell, UK
David O’Connor, Ireland
Edward Mulgrew, UK
William Fryday, Ireland
Nulla & Larry Connoly, UK
Sasha Stupar & David Mccollum, UK
Ted Tuohy, Ireland
Michael Armstrong, UK
Elaine Godley, UK
Paul O’Connor, Ireland

It’s a great time to be involved with Synergy WorldWide! As always, have a fantastic month.

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland & UK
Synergy WorldWide



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