Discover Synergy with Paul Blad - UK Business Accelerator Academy

Discover Synergy in an audience with Paul Blad on August 18th.

We are excited to announce that the next Discover Synergy presentation in the UK will take place in Heathrow on the 18th August at 12.30pm with Presidential Executive, Paul Blad.

Paul Blad has built a large Synergy Worldwide business around the world and particularly Europe. Bring as many guests as you can to hear how he has used Synergy to create better health combined with financial and time freedom.

Paul will start his Discover Synergy presentation at 12.30pm on Saturday 18th August at the Holiday Inn London Heathrow. This is a free presentation and ideal for team members to bring guests to learn more about Synergy Worldwide and how they too can build a thriving business without the need for a large initial investment.

We are grateful to Paul Blad who is also supporting the next UK Business Accelerator Academy day starting at 2pm on the same day at the same venue. He will be sharing his knowledge in key areas such as leadership skills, duplication and retention to aid the growth of all Synergy businesses.

The Discover Synergy meeting is free so come along with your guests and register on the day.

What: Discover Synergy presentation
Where: The Holiday Innl, London Heathrow
When: 12.30 – 1.30pm, Saturday August 18th 2018
Hosted by: Paul Blad

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