Why you don't want to miss Business Success Day

The Synergy Business Success Day is right around the corner, and you won't want to miss it. Held in Warwick, July 7th at the Hilton Hotel, this event will help you understand how to efficiently earn commissions and bonuses with confidence. But don't take our word for it...

Lyndsay Sadler attended the Business Success Day event in May. Before attending the event, she had only a small understanding of the income opportunity that was available to her as a Team Member. Read below as Lyndsay explains how attending the event made all the difference:

"I attended my first ever Business Success in May, despite having started a Synergy Business two years ago. I had never quite got around to it, or there was always something else to be doing on that particular Saturday.

There was only a small number of us (ca. 30) but this was great as the session was completely tailored around those in the room. We went through the new business presentation in detail, and as Teri presented all the slides as if she was doing it for real, we were able to hear how to talk around the slides most effectively.

We learnt about different personality types and how to best talk to these sorts of people to interest them in the business. Also, some softer strategies about how to introduce the business to your friends and contacts. Then we covered the Compensation Plan which again, despite having been in the business for two years, with some embarrassment I have to admit I still hadn’t really got to the point where I could explain that properly to a potential distributor. I now feel much more confident with it and have subsequently had quite a challenging session with someone where we were going through the ins-and-outs of it, and I felt much more confident.

The day made me feel really confident and proud about network marketing and also proud to share the business with others. I had the opportunity to do a short presentation at a networking group I go to. Usually I talk about products, but this time I thought I'd share the new business presentation instead. The group found it very interesting to see how the business actually worked.

After the meeting, we were added to a supportive Whatsapp group where people could ask questions or just share their successes & failures. Someone was always able to help. I really feel like I am part of a team. Having the support and encouragement of a wider network of team members has been fantastic!

Since the Business Success Day I've recruited two new Team Members and have two more with whom to follow up. I now have much more confidence when talking about our business opportunity, and feel very positive and confident about network marketing and the opportunity we all have."

Join us in July! Register to be included in the Prize Draw to get FREE Synergy product! For more information contact Rob Lord: robl@synergyworldwide.com or Teri Rigby: teririgby@aol.co.uk



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