Success Retreat Qualifiers

Friday, July 07, 2017

The Success Retreat qualification period is at the half way point, and we already have a great group of Team Members qualified and anticipating a fantastic retreat in Formentera, Spain in 2018.
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These hard-working business builders deserve to be recognized for all of their accomplishments thus far in 2017 that secured their seat at Success Retreat.

Robert Suppan
Elfriede Tappauf
Franz Friess & Ana Vajda-Friess

Eric & Kati Gammals
Miimu Jaatinen
Salme Ala-Heikkilä & Reijo Ojanen
Päivi & Kimmo Kangas
Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi

Hakan Cetin
Sabine Link
Claudia & Michael Ziemke-Wald
Susanne Kupske
Christine & Hansy Herrmann
Francesca & Hermann Pfluger

Keith Robinson

Roberta Pintar
Luigino Iobbi
Nicola Barbieri
Diego Bragato

Martin Østvang
Oistein Bekkvang
Tor Gunnar Standahl
Reidun Lydersen Dalheim
Stein Magne Osmoen & Ingrid Haugan
Glenn Skamsar

Nando Gatti
Mads Østvang

Heidi Byrkjeland
Conny Vahlin

Teri Rigby
Kim Bradley

Why are we telling you this now? Because time is ticking away! If you have not yet achieved or maintained the Team Manager title, you still have a chance to accomplish all of the qualification requirements before the deadline.

The qualification period officially closes December 31, 2017, so you still have six months to hit these qualification levels:
  1. achieve the Team Manager level or higher five times
  2. qualify for Elite Honors three times
  3. and accumulate 7200 CV on TC 1.

Set a goal to be on the qualifiers list and experience the first-ever Synergy Europe Success Retreat.

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