Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ireland has been anxiously waiting for this Launch ever since we successfully trialed the Purify Kits announced in Vienna last September….well, the wait to use them again is nearly over!

If you are serious about unlocking your true potential and achieving Elite Health then make sure you do not miss this event as we officially launch the NEW Purify Kit, based on the science behind the Microbiome and the studies conducted by Dr Tripp, CSO, and his team at the Hughes Centre for Research & Innovation.

Hosted by Rob Lord, GM for the UK & Ireland, this is an event for Team Members, customers and guests to come and learn everything they need to know about the NEW Purify Kit and accompanying science.

Plus, members of Ireland's Leadership Team will be delivering training for Team Members on how to build an exciting, lucrative business with the Purify Kit and detailing all of the rewards available!

We will also recognise those who have advanced their business and achieved NEW Elite Honors Club status in the months of January and February.

Be sure to join us and order your own Purify Kits on the day to avoid any delays when they become available for delivery shortly afterwards!

Make sure you register to be entered into our Prize Draw…only those who register on Eventbrite will qualify for a chance to win Synergy product and merchandise!

Date: Saturday, March 18th
Time: 10.30am for an 11am start. Finishes at 2pm.
Venue: Citywest Hotel, Dublin

For any questions, feel free to contact Rob Lord at

We look forward to sharing the day with you!

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