Elemence Step One: Cleanse

The first step toward your ideal complexion is to thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing signs of dirt and bacteria, makeup residue and oil buildup.

Elemence Cleansing Gel purifies and refreshes using a natural blend of agents. This gel thoroughly cleanses the skin without feeling harsh or abrasive. It contains a unique blend of Melissa officinalis
and Rosa Canina to soothe and naturally moisturize. It stems the aging effects of free radicals and inflammation using Brazilian Acai, rich in antioxidants, phytosterols, anthocyanins. It helps to normalize your skin’s natural oil production, and most importantly, it provides nutrition for your skin instead of harmful parabens and chemicals.

Elemence Facial Scrub for essential deep cleasing and effective exfoliation. This advanced cleanser scrubs away excess oil and pore-blocking impurities that build up on skin surfaces. Exfoliating micro-beads derived from natural jojoba rid the skin of dead surface cells that can cause a dull, aged appearance. These perfectly round micro beads smooth and refine without harming sensitive skin. A generous amount of sea salt nourishes the skin with vital minerals and trace elements. Age-fighting vitamins and revitalizing botanicals help to ensure skin’s optimal health and well-being.

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