Monday, February 23, 2015

Summit 2015 Registration Now Open

Excitement, motivation, inspiration, and success – all results experienced by those who attended last year’s Summit in Barcelona!

In 2015 all of Synergy Europe will gather in Rome for the culminating event of the year! With registration now open and expectations of a sell-out on the horizon, you’ll want to purchase your seat today to ensure your spot!

You also won’t want to miss our early bird price of €59. 

This offer is only available for a limited time!



Rome is the perfect city to host Synergy WorldWide’s 2015 Europe Summit. This ancient city is the product of thousands of years of belief and dedication. Ancient Romans named it the Eternal City because they knew it would stand the test of time. Synergy is much the same. Its sturdy foundation and impeccable leaders make it a company that stands the test of time.

Come to Rome and begin building your empire!

Synergy WorldWide

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