German Team Member builds business and muscle in 90-day Challenge

Michael Maleck he was sitting in his chair at the Barcelona Summit in 2014 as he watched ten team members full of health and confident that the stage did see how many pounds they had lost after participating in the test group of 90 days SLMsmart. He could not believe his eyes: seventy people had reached a healthy weight of their dreams in 90 days!

Michael Maleck watched from his seat at Summit 2014 in Barcelona as 10 confident, healthy Synergy Team Members graced the stage to show off the weight they lost as members of Europe’s 90-day SLMsmart test group. He couldn’t believe the results he was hearing—70 people reached their dream weight in just 90 days!

“As I sat there, I thought about all the diets I’ve tried over the past 10 years, and how I kept gaining more and more weight until I reached the 200 lb. mark,” Michael said,” but I had no doubt that the SLMsmart weight management program could work for me from the results I observed.”

Michael made a resolution at the beginning of 2014 to maintain a healthier lifestyle, which included eating nutrient-rich foods and participating regularly in sports and other physical activities. He began making progress and was excited to add SLMsmart to his health routine after the Summit product launch to see if this tasty shake would give him the push he needed toward his ideal weight before the year ended.

The recommended SLMsmart program instructs those who want to maintain their weight to substitute one meal with SLMsmart Meal Replacement mixed with milk or water and one packet of the e9 energy drink mixed with water. Those looking to lose weight should drink both SLMsmart Meal Replacement and e9 twice per day in place of two meals. In addition, all those who participate in the program are advised to eat a healthy diet and participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise, five days per week.

 “I replaced two meals per day with SLMsmart Meal Replacement and one serving of e9,” Michael said, “and the best part was that it tasted fantastic while helping me feel satisfied. These products gave me what my body needed all at once.”

Michael never got tired of the SLMsmart flavor and always looked forward to replacing meals. He experimented with flavors adding espresso, fruits, vegetables and even Synergy products, such as Phytolife and Mistify, to his shakes, and loved everything he tried.

He completed the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge for himself in December, losing **14 pounds while also gaining lean muscle. He continued playing sports and eating a healthy diet, just as he did before starting the SLMsmart program. He said his experience with SLMsmart was so positive that he’s in the midst of doing the 90-challenge for a second time so that he can continue striving for his 150-pound goal.

The change Michael has experienced since making SLMsmart and e9 a daily necessity goes beyond his own physical health. The health of his Synergy business is better than ever. More people have taken interest in Synergy products because they see Michael’s results and are prompted to ask him questions about his success. Michael and his wife Sandra were able to spread the word about SLMsmart and e9 to dozens of people by asking their friends, colleagues and acquaintances if they knew anyone looking for a simple, yet innovative, weight management system or looking to make extra money. They used Synergy sales tools and locally developed videos and presentations to inform curious individuals about the products and opportunity. All of this movement in their business led them to achieve the Team Leader title one month after the product launch.

“2013 was an exercise for us, in 2014 we started to warm up and in 2015, we’re going to have a breakthrough year,” Michael said. “Records will be broken, lives will be changed for the better, young, rising stars will be created and a major movement will be set in motion. Synergy WorldWide has been like a sleeping giant, constantly growing for the past 15 years, but the giant is awakening and is gearing up to make a global presence and be a top player in the industry.”

**Results are not typical, the amount of weight lost varies upon a diet program and an exercise routine.



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