Paul and Kate Flint Reach Team Leader!

How were you introduced to Synergy and what attracted you?

Paul: I was at a business networking breakfast when Peter Ragg stood up and talked passionately for 40 seconds about Proargi-9+ and a business opportunity. It was the possible blood pressure benefits that attracted me as I had hypertension and was taking prescription medication and not liking the side effects. Having a science background I was interested in the Nobel Prize winning science behind the product but the real attraction was Peter’s passion.

Kate:  Paul came home with an idea that he had found a business that we could work at together but, being new to the business he was unable to explain to me why he thought this would be the right business for us. I grumbled about the time he spent researching the products and the company and it wasn’t until I went to the Founder’s Training and met Dan Higginson and then had a chat with Stella O’Shea that I realised fully what an opportunity we had discovered.

Which is your favourite product and why?

Kate: My favourite product is Mistify. I absolutely love the taste and just know that it is doing me good when I drink it. I always have a bit more than the recommended 30ml as I believe it keeps my skin looking good and it is helping to fight the damaging effect of everyday chemicals. I couldn’t possibly eat that much fruit naturally!  I have to mention the 90 day challenge that I’m doing with the SLMsmart though. It is absolutely delicious and is working so I’m excited to be revealing the results in a few month’s time along with my other European challengers.

Paul: It has to be the Proargi-9+; my blood pressure has come down from 178/129 to 120/80, I have more energy, better sleep and have been able to help others have amazing results from the product. I have just had a cholesterol test which has come in at 2.8 down from 4.8 last time and my only lifestyle change is ProArgi-9+. I have to mention Phytolife though, as I used to get acid reflux at night, especially after a curry - but never when I take Phytolife. My mum always made me eat my greens and I struggled - how easy those greens are to take now!

What is a typical day for you when you are building your business?

Kate: One of the joys of being in Synergy is that no two days are the same. After a year of being in the business I am now afforded the luxury of taking my son to school every day. At least twice a week I attend networking events, which can range from coffee mornings to coaching events. I make sure that I am meeting new people all the time. The rest of my time is spent connecting with our own team members and arranging support calls and training.  I love a bit of social media for motivation and connecting with people day and night. I work closely with Kim Bradley on our group the Synergy Sisters sharing experiences and encouraging the ladies in Western Europe to meet challenges and achieve their goals.

Paul: There is no typical day. I make sure I speak to at least 1 person a day who is not in Synergy and for me face-to-face networking is the most productive. I also make sure I call team members to see how I can support them in achieving their goals which includes events, training and Day 1 presentations or calls with their prospects. I also spend time learning to improve my network marketing skills by finding out what the successful people in Synergy are doing and copy their example.

How many hours do you work it each week?

Paul: Every available minute. I absolutely love the business and look forward to the near future when Synergy will be all that we do. Team members are used to getting emails at silly hours of the night and we would rather have CV than TV!

Kate:  I have to agree with Paul on this one.  We are working hard but know that to succeed we need to build a solid foundation for us and our family. I’m an average person putting in above average effort because I’m expecting to get above average rewards. Neither Paul nor myself are employable in the traditional sense and believe that we will get out of this business what we put in. Will Martin had a great way of explaining the work ethic of Synergy “work, work, work, work, work – work, work, work, work, pay – work, work, work, pay, pay – work, work, pay, pay, pay and work, pay, pay, pay and more pay”.

What would you say has been the biggest factor in your success so far?

Kate: The biggest factor must be belief. When we joined Synergy we had a big decision to make. We were moving house and had to choose between having the deposit to rent a new home or attending the Synergy Global Summit in Seoul, Korea.  We had only just reached the Star pin level and on the 4th June last year we met Dianne Leavitt at a Heathrow event.  Dianne’s story affected us both deeply and at that moment we realised that if Dianne could touch the lives of so many people and build a successful million dollar business, then we could too. We borrowed Dianne’s belief and booked our flights and summit tickets shortly after. This however left us homeless but our belief was so strong that my mum offered us a roof over our heads until we were ready to move on, not because we asked, but because she too believed that we could achieve our goal. Attending the Global Summit was a real turning point for us. We made some sacrifices but to feel the energy and support of 5,000 team members all really passionate about Synergy and the life changing products, confirmed that we had made the right decision.  

Paul: I agree with the belief in Synergy being able to give us what we want and also having a willingness to learn new skills and from our mistakes. However I think the biggest factor has been gaining the understanding that, “people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. When you talk to people about why you do this business (and it is not about the product, company or compensation plan) I have found that people can far better relate to your story and see something in it that relates to themselves. When they do that they are far more likely to connect their own “why” to Synergy being the vehicle to get it.

Who has helped and supported you in building your business?

Kate: We have had huge support from the whole Synergy family. Peter Ragg is our first point of contact as our sponsor and has been a great support and friend from the moment we joined. Stella O’Shea is his upline and has been brilliant, always available for calls and can explain the concept of Autoship and the compensation plan like no other. Bart Woodcook is hugely inspirational, making his time available for us and our team and we know that having a member of the Million Dollar Club as our personal guide and mentor on our journey with Synergy will guarantee our success and that of our team. Kim Bradley has been absolutely great to work with and the other leaders in the UK. Our team members though also help and support us as we learn from them every day how to change and adapt within our own business and to listen to other people’s desires and goals.

Paul: We have received support from many places, upline, downline, across teams, management and family. The most heart-warming thing is that this support has come with no strings attached and does not exist in any other business I have been involved in. As far as I am aware this kind of support does not exist anywhere else in network marketing.

What key activities do you regularly engage in to help your team members and to grow your business?

We have a number of activities that we engage in. Regular phone and Skype calls which are great, it is important to be at the end of the phone and it makes our business so easy to do.  Weekly team calls are a great forum for training and brainstorming. Getting Started Training is really important to us; this gives us a great understanding of what support each new team member requires and how we can help them achieve their goals. Training meetings and third person calls help promote the support that is available throughout Synergy. Day 1 Presentations form part of our training – by encouraging team members to also attend the call along with their prospect we are encouraging duplication. Events are exceptionally important and we encourage all our team members to build from event to event and make themselves available for as many team meetings as possible.  Apart from the above we are always available for support when needed and we work to make things as simple and duplicable as possible.

What goals have you reached so far and which ones are you working towards at the moment?

Kate: Our first goal we achieved within our first six months of joining Synergy and we were really excited when we had our product fully paid for. We both take the whole V3 system to improve our health and general wellbeing and therefore the cost was slightly more than our monthly Autoship.  
We are also really excited that we qualified for this year’s Team Manager Academy.  Kate will be attending and will be making the most of the in-depth business training from Synergy Executives and toplLeaders. This experience will enable us to help teach, educate and motivate all our team members to reach the next level in their own businesses and certainly give them the belief that they can attend the TMA in 2015.

1. To cover our Autoship within 3 months – made it in 6
2. To be earning minimum £500 per month by December 2013 – made it in March 2014
3. To get to Team Manager Academy June 2014 – made it May 2014

Our next goals are to have 2 of our team reach Team Leader by Barcelona and 2 others reach Silver. 

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new joining Synergy, what would you tell them?

Decide why you are in the business and then make a decision to get whatever it is that you want. Write down WHY you are in the business and then share it with passion. Believe that you can have whatever it is you want and that Synergy can give you that. Once you have identified exactly why, no matter how small, large or enormous, it will help determine how much time you have to put in to the business and where your focus is. When your why is identified you will have your story and this is where your passion will be.You will find that it is simple to tell your story and will attract new team members to your business by simply showing them the right information and collecting a decision. Keep it simple and listen to only those who are already successful.



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