Mandy Blaney is Ireland's newest Team Manager!

How were you introduced to synergy and what attracted you?

I met a distributor at a health show and at the time I assumed that it was just another product. I had my own successful Natural Wellness Clinic and was concentrating on my nutritional therapy practice. When my father needed a triple bypass as an emergency, I got a real scare and started to research ProArgi-9+. I was blown away by the evidence and realised that I needed to do something with it! I attended the European Summit in Copenhagen and that's when I got really excited and made my decision to make it my mission to raise awareness and help people both from a health perspective and to engage with those that wanted to take control of their financial future! The event was in September and I qualified as Team Leader the following January.

Which is your favourite product and why?

I like all the products and have seen so many positive results over a wide range of health challenges with clients and team members feedback, so it's not easy to have a preferred product. That said, I like Mistify in particular due to it's anti-ageing properties and ability to strengthen the immune system.

What is a typical day for you when you are building your business?

There is no such thing as a typical day! Sometimes I'm too excited to sleep and can be up at my desk at 6am. I like to have direct contact with people in my team either by phone or face to face so that's a big part of my activity. Mentoring and encouraging others is my favourite activity and it's so rewarding to witness the self development in people. Skype calls and calls on GotoMeeting work well and it's duplicable. On a weekly basis I like to make a new contact either personally or for a team member. I have an office at home and love the flexibility of being my own boss without set hours.

How many hours do you work each week?

It varies from week to week and I don't feel that it is work as I absolutely love this business and live, eat and sleep it! I'm in the privileged position of working the business full time now and intend doing so for a long time to come. Since I made the decision to go Team Manager my focus is totally on Synergy and that will be the case until I'm at least Presidential and it's exciting having that goal set and believing that I can make it a reality!

What would you say has been the biggest factor in your success so far?

Believing in myself and my ability to positively influence others and help them to create what they wish for. I've had a lot of encouragement and good advice from my upline mentors as well as from my general manager, Rob Lord, together with others from corporate management. That's one of the most amazing things actually, how much the Synergy company's people really do care and want to see you succeed! My partner Danny has helped me to believe in myself and encouraged me so much; his support has been instrumental since I decided to go for Team Leader .

Who has helped and supported you in building your business?

Bart Woodcook, Mads Oestvang and Will Martin have all being influential in my success so far and their leadership is exemplary. My sponsor Keith Robinson is a Trojan worker and his dedication to helping me has been priceless and he is a fantastic colleague to work with!

What key activities do you regularly engage in to help your team members and to grow your business?

Setting goals with team members is paramount and putting a workable plan in place to achieve them. Helping others to develop their own self belief and master the basic fundamentals in how to build the business is crucial so it's all down to training. Building solid and trustworthy realtionships is also key.

What goals have you achieved so far and which ones are you working towards at the moment?

I'm now working the business full time which was a goal in the early days and achieving Team Manager was a goal that I set during the Founder's trip to Utah in March. I might add that big decisions are made at big events and would encourage everyone to attend all events. I've set my goal to go Team Director for the Barcelona Summit so now it's announced! To be Europe's first female Presidential has a lot of appeal but I've no objection to competition for that one so here goes.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone new joining Synergy, what would you tell them?

To take a very serious look at what you want to achieve and work on a 2 to 5 year plan with your sponsor. Maintain focus, attend all events and only listen to those who know what they are talking about. Don't let anyone steal your dream! I wish everyone all the success that they are willing to work for!



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