Events Build Belief ... and ... Momentum!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Whether it is one of our monthly training meetings in the UK, Ireland or Spain or a qualification trip such as Founders Club, Team Manager Academy or even Legacy Retreat, being a part of these great events keeps you focussed.

We have our training events at Heathrow, Dublin and Alicante every month and it should be a core element of your Synergy business. If geography and outside commitments allow it, you should be there every month, if they don't then commit to being there at least once a quarter.

It's an opportunity for you and your team to come
together and learn with one another to help move your business forward. You need to be the example for the team you are building; you need to show them that this is a business, not a social group; you need to invite your prospects to come and listen to the Synergy opportunity; you need to show them that these trainings are essential!

I have heard from some Team Members that they are not interested in the trips such as Founders Club or Team Manager Academy as they believe in Synergy and know that they will have success in the end; that is their focus. This is great that they have this belief but qualifying for the reward trips helps that belief to grow further, but more importantly it helps to provide focus and momentum in your business. I invite all team members to have a goal to work towards qualifying for each trip; qualify for Team Manager Academy, try to be in the Top 100 for the Barcelona promotion, make sure you are on the next Founders Club; aim to be recognised for your achievements at our monthly training event.

This positive attitude enables you to use the events as stepping stones in your Synergy journey and keeps you moving at pace. It's easier to grow a Synergy business with momentum than one that stops and starts. And even if you fall short in qualifying for an event or a particular aspect of recognition, the work that you have put in to try and get there is not wasted as it will have still significantly grown your organisation and increased your residual income, as you've worked with your team.

Babe Ruth said, "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." Part of working and playing together is by attending our monthly meetings and recognition events with your a team! This helps bind you together as you learn and share in each other's recognition which ultimately ensures you are stronger than the sum of your individual parts!

Peg Wood said, "Commitment is the ignitor of momentum." I invite you to go to the calendar on the blog for our next monthly training event at Heathrow, Dublin and Alicante and commit to being there with your team!

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and thank you for being a part of Synergy.

My best regards,


Paving the way for a historic year in Europe

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Click here, to read this article and others in Legacy, Synergy Europe's emagazine. 

By Stewart Rutter, Vice President of Sales

As we anticipate spring, we see the days getting a little longer and feel the temperature rising. This is a great time of year, because with it brings a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for life. I certainly feel this in my own life and I definitely feel it in our Synergy business.

Stewart Rutter, VP of Sales
We have already kicked off 2014 with some great events and activities that brought so many of us together to create vision and direction for the New Year. We started in Hawaii with our annual Legacy Retreat. That event, as it always does, brings together our top-producing leaders from around the globe in a beautiful setting to celebrate our accomplishments and create excitement for what is to come. I love being with our leaders, and feeling their passion and love for our business. I love that we are changing lives for the better all over the world. There is no better way to start a new year than spending a week with our dedicated leaders in a setting like Hawaii.

We then moved forward with our regional and national kickoff events where we launched new programs, incentives and promotions. We witnessed excellent training and motivation from Synergy Founder Dan Higginson in Germany, Norway and Finland. We held successful events in Dublin, London, Spain and Poland. Our final kickoff events took place in our newest and rapidly growing market, Italy. All in all, we brought together more than 1,000 people to hear the Synergy story and celebrate 2014’s exciting news and focus.

Happy Easter from Synergy!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It’s a beautiful weekend to celebrate the Easter holiday with family and friends. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you!

Each one of you is an essential building block in making this company what it is today. Thank you for your passion for health and your dedication to Synergy.

We hope your weekend is filled with Easter memories that stay with you for decades to come.


Summit 2014 Hotel Rooms are Going Fast!

Monday, April 14, 2014

In Barcelona’s business  sector, September is one of the busiest times of the year. Coming off of vacation season, many companies are holding conventions and meetings in preparation for the end of the year. The larger hotels are often completely booked.

Luckily, we have reserved discounted rooms at three hotels located in close proximity to the Summit venue. But you need to act quickly as these hotels will not hold all of the rooms we reserved until the Summit event.

Each hotel has established cutoff dates, and when these cutoff dates pass, a large fraction of the rooms we reserved will be released for anyone to book. One of these cutoff dates is quickly approaching!

Hotel Cutoff Dates:

NH Constanza: April 21
Juan Carlos Hotel: May 25
Princess Sofia Hotel: July 7

After these cutoff dates pass, we cannot guarantee rooms or discounts.  

While it is still possible to book at these hotels after the cutoff dates, don’t risk it! Hundreds of Synergy Team Members have already booked their stays in Barcelona.

Don’t delay! Book your rooms now while you are guaranteed the room of your choice at a discounted rate. Click here for all hotel information.

We are eager to see all of you at this year’s better-than-ever Summit event September 25-27!

March Top 10 Barcelona Prize Winners

Friday, April 11, 2014

Every month until the September 2014 Summit in Barcelona, Synergy is giving high-value prizes to the Top 10 point earners in the Barcelona Summit Promotion. And this is on top of the cash they are already earning through the promotion’s point system! Click here for more details.

Our winners for March are in! Prizes are listed next to the name of each winner.

Congratulations to the following Team Members for making it to the top:

1. Giuseppe Lucio (Italy)  Two nights at Barcelona's Princess Sofia Hotel
2. Michele Guardascione (Italy)  Two nights at Barcelona's Princess Sofia Hotel
3. Anna Annunziata (Italy)  iPad Mini
4. Albin Weber (Austria)  One night at Barcelona's Princess Sofia Hotel
5. Marja-Leena Rasi (Finland)  iPod Nano
6. Rosi Hoch (Germany)  Summit Registration with Buffet
7. Kuba Chrzanowski (Ireland)  Summit Registration with Buffet
8. Rosalia Ciorciaro (Italy)  Synergy V3 System
9. Paul and Kate Flint (United Kingdom)   Synergy branded Ogio jacket
10. Unni and Karl Warpe (Spain)  Synergy hat and water bottle

Thank you to all of our winners for your commitment to join us at Barcelona’s explosive event! You are inspiring leaders and we look forward to congratulating you in person at Summit 2014.

Who will be in our Top 10 next month? Check back in April to see if you qualified for a bonus prize!

Save with Autoship!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Autoship plays an important role in any growing Synergy business. This valuable programme adds convenience, stability, and now cost savings to those serious about building a long-term, residual income.

Due to a steady increase in production costs, it has become necessary for Synergy to implement a product price increase for the first time in 9 years; however, as a thank you to our loyal monthly Autoship participants, product pricing for these individuals will remain the same.

Beginning May 1, 2014, Synergy products will undergo a 10% price increase. Those who have an active Autoship template will continue to get Synergy products at their existing low price.

Currently 90% of purchasing Team Members throughout Europe have an active Autoship template, so now there’s even more of a reason to educate the 10% on the importance of this programme.

For those unfamiliar with Autoship, it is a free service that allows you to customise a monthly order that automatically ships products of your selection to your doorstep. Your template can be customised to your liking, and changed as often as you choose.

To enrol in Autoship and continue getting high-quality products at the same low price, simply download Synergy’s Activation Autoship form, fill out the requested information, and follow the instructions to send to Customer Service.

Don’t wait, sign up for Autoship and continue to save on Synergy products! 

March 2014 Recognition

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Listed below are the names of everyone in Europe who rank advanced in March! Congratulations to our hardworking Team Members who continue to dedicate tremendous time and effort to their Synergy business.

March Rank Advancements

Team Director
Giuseppe Lucio (Italy)

Team Manager
Yvonne E. Timmins (Ireland)
Dennis Brennan (Ireland)
Ruth Britsch (Germany)
Michele Guardascione (Italy)

Team Leader
Alfonso Vilches del Castillo (Spain)
Albin Weber (Austria)
Michele Guardascione (Italy)
Anna Annunziata (Italy)
Estrella-team (Germany)

*Click here to see all March 2014 rank advancements

Compete to Host Dan Higginson!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The challenge has begun to find out who will be victorious in our inter-country competition for the right to host Dan Higginson's Training Event in May.

To learn more about the challenge, CLICK HERE.

Here is the current leaderboard with only three weeks to go until we find out which country has been victorious! The table below includes all March New Title Advancements plus April sponsorships to date.

Keep working hard this month to get those 2x2 pods through as they are going to be the deciding factor!

Good luck for the run in ... !

Country Points
Ireland 2,526
UK 2,389
Spain 1,670
                                            Total points as of April 9, 2014

Announcing the Legacy eMagazine April 2014 edition!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Find quarterly updates, professional insights, product information and Team Member spotlights in the second edition of Synergy’s Legacy eMagazine.

This online publication is exclusive to European markets!

This eMagazine contains helpful information that can’t be found anywhere else!

And for those tech-savvy readers, the Legacy eMagazine is compatible on tablets and mobile devices.

Take advantage of this publication by reading its contents and sharing the articles with your connections. The Legacy eMagazine is one more way that you can share Synergy’s mission to Leave a Legacy by maintaining healthy physical and financial lives. 

UK & IRE April Training Events!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

UK Business Training Event

... with special guest, Pearl Executive Bart Woodcook

When: Saturday, 12 April, 10 am - 2 pm
Where: Park Inn Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow
Description: Join us for this special Business Training Event which takes place at the Park Inn Hotel in Heathrow. We are excited to welcome Pearl Executive, Bart Woodcook as our special guest.

As a seasoned network marketer, Bart Woodcook, Pearl Executive, has learned what it takes to achieve success within the industry. Experience has taught him that with the right company - combined with a tireless work ethic, unwavering dedication to your team, and sustained passion for a proven product – success will always abound.

Bart and his organisation were instrumental in the opening of Synergy 's European markets and have been a major factor in the company's explosive European growth. Bart currently resides in Spain having moved there in January of this year in order to be closer to his European team. He is very committed to doubling the size of Synergy in the UK and will be a frequent visitor!
If you are serious about your Synergy business but would like it to be growing faster with more duplication...then Bart can help you achieve just that!

*Everyone who comes and registers at the door gets entered into a prize draw to win a FREE V3!*

Registration: 10 am
Business Training: 10.30 am
Recognition: 11.30 am
Lunch & Strategising with Bart: 12.00 -1.50 pm

Contact Rob with any questions by emailing him at

Ireland Monthly Opportunity & Training Event

When: Saturday, 26 April, 10 am - 2 pm
Where: Citywest Hotel, Dublin
Description: Join us for our monthly Opportunity & Training event which takes place at the CityWest Hotel in Dublin. This is an event for both distributors and their guests to learn more about Synergy, our fantastic life-changing products and our unrivalled compensation plan. Plus, learn all of the essential skill sets you need to be an effective and successful networker, so you can consistently grow your Synergy business!

We encourage you to bring your guests with you as we learn from the very best and also recognise those who are achieving great things in their business, and enhancing the lives of so many throughout Ireland.

*Everyone who brings a guest gets entered into a prize draw to win a FREE V3!*

Registration: 10.30 am
Opportunity Presentation & Product Training: 11 am
Product Tasting & Networking: 12 - 12.30 pm
Lunch: 12.30 - 1.30 pm
Business & Leadership Development Training: 1.30 pm
Recognition: 2.30 pm

Contact Rob with any questions by emailing him at

Summit 2014 Message from VP Stewart Rutter

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Synergy executives are already counting down the days until Summit 2014. See why Stewart Rutter, Vice President of Sales, can’t wait to board a plane to Barcelona. Set the example for your team and register early!