Europe Team Member Recognition - May 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Listed below are the names of everyone in Europe who rank advanced in May! Congratulations to our hardworking Team Members who continue to dedicate tremendous time and effort to their Synergy business.

May Rank Advancements

Team Elite
Pierre Bruns (Germany)

Team Director
Natali Pfahler (Germany)

Team Manager
Eva Margrethe Gamst (Norway)
Pirjo Martinez (Finland)

Team Leader
Horst Schoellerl (Austria)
Irene Persen (Norway)
Janez Brvar (Austria)
Jaakko Ja Riitta Matikainen (Finland)
Johanna Ja Pekka Jauhiainen (Finland)
Östen Nilsson (Sweden)
Nordic (Sweden)

Janez Brvar (Austria)
Tmi Jvj-palvelut (Finland)

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May Top Recruiters
Team Member with the most personally sponsored tracking centers

Central Europe
Oliver Dietsche (Germany)
Kavcic Aljoska (Austria)
Adam Cieślik (Poland)
Robert Buszta (Poland)
Edward Urbańzyk (Poland)

Reidun Lydersen Dalheim (Norway)
Pirjo Martinez (Finland)
Gunlaug Olsen (Norway)
Seija Ja Sakari Kinnunen (Finland)
Lisa Ivarsson (Sweden)

Helen Prosper (United Kingdom)  
Bright Perspectives (Ireland)
Mohneesh Jindal (Ireland)
K.N.R. International Network (Ireland)
Zanetor Rawlings (Ireland)

May Top Team Builders
Team Member with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Central Europe
Helmut Jelinek (Austria)
Oliver Dietsche (Germany)
Pierre Bruns (Germany)
Robert Cieslik (Poland)
Nusa Brvar (Austria) 

Pirjo Martinez (Finland)
Arja Tolvanen (Finland)
Tiina Ja Kari Lindh (Finland)
Conny Vahlin (Norway)
Andre Jenssen (Norway)

K.N.R. International Network (Ireland)
Harmony Health (Ireland)
Anita Young (United Kingdom)
Mathilde Barbier (United Kingdom)
Fintan Duggan (Ireland)

Legacy Retreat 

Qualified Alumni
William Martin
Sells Consulting
Martin Østvang
Reidun Lydersen Dalheim
Eric & Kati Gammals

Qualified 1st Time
Pierre Bruns

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