February 2011 Newsletter

Valuable Team Members,

Brighter mornings and longer evenings are slowly making their way into 2011. January was a fantastic month and February will prove to be even better as we prepare for our VIP tour with special guest Dan Higginson, founder & CEO.

When asked about 2011, Dan said the following, “I truly believe that 2011, truly believe, will be the year that people remember 20 years from now as the branding year.”

What a powerful statement and I must say that he is absolutely right. I’m confident that with the growth and momentum we’ve experienced, 2011 will be a defining year, not just in Ireland and the UK, but within each and every Synergy market.


 2011 is a year for setting and achieving new goals. By doing so, your business will continue to grow and new levels will be reached. Decide where you want your Synergy business to be by December 2011. What actions will you take every month, week, and day to achieve that rank?

A top priority on your list of goals should be to attend the 2011 Global Summit in Las Vegas. It’s exciting to think that we only have 9 months to go until we travel to the city of lights, for what will be the biggest event ever organized by Synergy WorldWide. How would you like your trip to be paid for? If so, simply attend the VIP tour meetings at the end of the month to learn about our Las Vegas promotion that will kick off March 1st.

Synergy Executives speak about upcoming Summit:


Come to the European VIP tour and have an opportunity to meet Dan Higginson, founder & CEO; Stewart Rutter, Vice President; Thorsten Mueller, Central Europe General Manager; and Bart Woodcook, Pearl Executive.

If you’ve been with Synergy WorldWide for any length of time, you know the importance of being at these events. For those who have recently joined, make this event a must, as it will give you valuable tools and priceless motivation for getting started on the right foot. Not only will you leave with an understanding of how to be successful, but you’ll also witness the sincere passion this company has for changing people’s lives. I look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for complete details of the tour.


January was indeed a fantastic month with no signs of slowing down. Nothing reflects our success more than the list of Rank Advancements we have. Two new Team Managers plus two new Team Leaders – what an achievement. Well done guys, you have done a fantastic job and it is down to your hard work that we can continue to share these fantastic products and wonderful opportunity with those we love.


Stewart Hamilton, Ireland
Liam Salmon, Ireland


Tom Feeney, Ireland
James Booth, Ireland


Bernard Bradley, UK
Bernadette O’Connor, Ireland
Robert & Suzanne Power, Ireland
Bridget Gertrude Cull, Ireland
Denis Cummins, Ireland


Philip O’Donoghue, Ireland
Derek & Gerard May, Ireland
Matt Ronan, Ireland
Micheal & Joan Harrington, Ireland
Surinder & Jaspaul Singh Bhogal, UK
Michael Murphy, Ireland
Tom Canava, Ireland
Susann Austin, UK
The Solid Foundation, UK

These fantastic rank advancements are a testament to team effort and that being the key to long term success. Let’s make February even better than January by working closely with your team to achieve their goals so you can achieve yours. Make sure that they recognise the importance of having strong support lines in place for everyone in their business.

It has never been more exciting to be part of Synergy WorldWide. We are in a massive state of growth right now and I’m confident that we will see continued accelerated growth with even more opportunity to bless people’s lives.

In all that we do, we strive to Leave a Legacy through offering the highest quality, scientifically proven products, providing financial freedom through innovative business opportunity, and establishing a culture of generosity and service to others. I invite all of you to take part in this goal as we prepare for an incredible February.

As a company, we are committed to your success. It is my hope that you will feel the same opportunity that Dan Higginson saw over a decade ago as we come together in a few weeks. I look forward to seeing you at these special events.
Leave a Legacy,

Stacey Ryan
Area Manager, Ireland&UK
Synergy WorldWide



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