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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful time of year! The chill has returned to the air and the leaves are changing colour. Despite the beauty that surrounds us, this time of year is famous for increased susceptibility to common colds, the flu, and other illnesses.

Supporting and enhancing our immune system becomes increasingly important as we head into these colder months. This involves living a health-promoting lifestyle, proper stress management, adequate exercise, a proper diet and the appropriate use of nutritional supplements. Knowing this, what better time than the present is there to share the benefits of our fantastic products.

Improve your health, both body and mind

Today we live in a world where current, up-to-date information is critical to our success. As a Synergy Team Member, this also applies to your Synergy business. Knowledge is powerful and provides increased confidence when speaking to others.

Frequently attending meetings will increase your knowledge of the product, strengthen your commitment to your Synergy business, and provide you with a renewed sense of energy as you connect with Team Members from across the country. These meetings are perfect for introducing friends to our products and the business opportunity.

How do I find a Synergy meeting near me?

Our new Ireland/UK Synergy blog is officially here! In addition to exciting news, messages, and training, we’ll also be maintaining a list of upcoming meetings happening across the country. Next time you’re wondering where you or a prospect that lives across the country can attend, simply go to our new Synergy blog!

Watch Stewart Rutter, Synergy Vice President of Sales, discuss the importance of holding and attending meetings.

How do I get my Synergy meeting posted?

Whether large or small, we want to know the details of your meeting. To have your meetings posted, please send the following information to :

Begin/End Time
Registration fee (if applicable)
Any other points relevant to the event

As Team Members of Synergy WorldWide, our common goal is to improve people’s lives through health, wealth and wisdom. As we combine our efforts and work together as a team, this goal will become a reality.

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Stacey Ryan
Ireland/UK Area Manager
Synergy WorldWide

Meeting Agenda - Ireland

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meetings open to attend in upcoming weeks

Location: Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore, Co Offaly.
Date: Thursday 30th September
Time: 8pm

Location: Horse and Jockey, Thurles, Co Tipperary
Date: Friday 1st October
Time: 7.30pm
(Women only meeting hosted by Women ProHealth)

Location: Mayo Suite, Hotel Westport, Mayo
Date: Wednesday 13th October
Time: 8pm

If you cannot attend yourself, make sure you inform your team or pass on to someone in that part of the country.
Also, please keep checking for additional dates as this will be updated on a regular basis.